Brad Pitt Workout - Lithe One Moment, Muscular The Next

Don't you want to figure out the Brad Pitt workout? First he seems lithe and agile for one movie, next thing you know, he bulked up for his role in Troy. His weight seems to be as unpredictable as the weather and can only be rivalled by Britney Spears.

His physique was not really the focus of media attention until he starred in "Fight Club" appearing ripped with a six-pack abdominals and lean muscles. Pitt definitely puts in a lot of effort into training and we'll take a look at what he does differently as compared to other celebs.

Fitness Habits Of Brad Pitt Workout

Training one muscle group to exhaustion

Pitt loves to train one muscle group to exhaustion on one day and leaving it to rest for the whole week. This means, he can choose to work his arms and chest today, abdominals the next day, followed by legs and so on.

His muscles get to rest for one week exactly before being subjected to more training.

Aerobics once a week

While he may only choose to do aerobic exercises once a week, he does intensive cardio to really get his heart rate and metabolism going to burn more fat.

Azri's note: One thing you might need to know, Brad Pitt workout works for him also because of his metabolism. Before his acting career started, he was quite slim and did not possess much muscle mass, which is why one day of cardio per week is enough.

However, that might not be the case for you. You might not have the same metabolism rate, so you might need to either increase the amount of time on aerobics and cardio if you want to see the same results as him.

Aerobics exercise is not hard to do. It can be something simple like walking your dog, or something a little more challenging like swimming! The choice is yours.

Nutrition Tips From Brad Pitt Workout

Eggs galore!

Pitt took a lot of eggs every day. It could be anything from 6-10 eggs! While you may recoil at the thought of cholesterol from the yolk, keep in mind that if you are actively working out, you are really on the safe side.

Nature knows what's best, so don't try to separate the yolk. But if you do want to eat the golden globe of nutrition, make it a habit to exercise regularly to ensure that you won't run the risk of high blood pressure and other cholesterol-related ailments.

Protein and fibre rich diet

There was an emphasis to ensure that there was a lot of protein and fibre in his meals. He got most of his protein from products like chicken or turkey breast meat, as well as oatmeal and brown rice for fibre.

Protein is important for repairing muscle tissue and helping with growth. Fibre on the other hand, is responsible for flushing out toxins and maintaining a healthy bowel movement.

Protein supplements

Another important part of Brad Pitt workout was the fact that he used some protein shakes to supplement his protein intake. Trust me, if you are looking for some quick hard muscle gains, it won't be easy without external help.

However, if you are in this for the long run, you can steer away from such supplements and still see results. They will take a while, but they last.

Final Words From Azri

Brad Pitt workout pretty much changes depending on which role he will be playing. While Roger Clemens who trains to improve his physique and sports skills, Pitt trains for his movie roles.

Therefore, I won't suggest that you follow his style of working out. Start exercising because you want to make a long-term difference to your life. Don't let your weight and muscle mass fluctuate like a bouncing basketball.

It won't do you good...

It will take time, but it is not impossible. Fitness is much easily achieved now than five to ten years back. There were not many fitness professionals available then. Now you have many health experts that you can learn from.

I hope you are learning from my site as well! Do share pages that you enjoy with your friends on Facebook or Twitter using the buttons below.

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