Body Weight Workouts - You Don't Need A Gym!

Body weight workouts are getting more and more popular. We are all pressed for time nowadays and hitting the gym might not necessarily agree with our busy schedules.

College students have assignments and projects, corporate individuals are running for meetings while parents are busy moulding their children to have respect and integrity. With so many things going on, how can we still exercise?

Body weight workouts were then made famous by sports professionals, coaches and other athletes. It was warmly accepted and until today, it is still used to train for sporting matches or to simply keep fit.

Research has also shown that body weight workouts can actually be extremely effective in strengthening muscles and developing muscular endurance, more so than normal gym workouts. Therefore, it is pretty clear that we should all get cracking and take advantage of this amazing workout.

What Are Some Examples?

There are quite a few exercises that simply uses your body weight. Some examples are push ups, squats, lunges, step ups and pull ups. However, the best of all would be the following:

  • Push ups - for strengthening your triceps (back of your arms), chest and back
  • Pull ups - for strengthening your biceps, back, chest, abdominals
  • Ab crunches - for your upper abdominals
  • Leg raises - for your lower abdominals
  • Squats - for your back

Bearing this in mind, we shall use these five different exercises to help create a workout for you that will be extremely effective. Trust me, if you tried doing pull ups (or inclined pull ups, for the women), you are going to develop strong arms.

The same goes for squats, and the other exercises listed above. They are simply the best, I mean the best, at toning and strengthening the different muscles in your body.

Possible Body Weight Workouts You Can Attempt

The number of repetitions can be modified depending on how many you are capable of doing. As you become stronger, you can try to increase the number of repetitions slowly.

On top of that, this workout is too easy, you can strive to complete more than one cycle of the entire workout. Do not push yourself to the point where you are struggling and can barely complete one more repetition.

Pushing yourself too hard can lead to injuries instead.

Planning Your Workout

The important thing when working out is to make sure that you do a combination of both muscle strengthening exercises as well some cardio activity. You should interchange between the two so that your muscles can also rest before the next workout.

  • Monday - muscle building exercises
  • Tuesday - rest
  • Wednesday - cardio activity
  • Thursday - rest
  • Friday - muscle building exercises
  • Weekends - rest

Cardio activity can be anything that raises your heart rate. It could be a game of tennis or perhaps going for a slow run around your neighbourhood. Therefore, on Wednesdays, you should try to do something that gets your heart pumping.

Please understand that this schedule is just a suggestion. I want to show you how you can have a weekly plan of workout filled with rest, muscle building exercises and some cardio activity. It is up to YOU how you want to arrange your own workout plan.

Final Words From Azri

Body weight workouts can be a wonderful way of keeping fit! I think you should really try to do such exercises as they are extremely simple to do, and are more effective than normal workouts you might attempt at the gym.

We cannot change the pace of our lives, or the demands of our lifestyles. However, that does not mean that we cannot try to be more active. Such bodyweight exercises can be the best solution without compromising your health and fitness.

Let me know how it works out for you!

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