Best Bicep Workout For Lean Arms

The best bicep workout might actually surprise you. For quite some time, many believed that it was the old-school bicep curls that enabled you to have toned and lean arms.

However, recently, studies have showed that while bicep curls may be effective, there is another exercise that is even more effective in building muscular strength for your bicep.

Let's Clear Some False Misconceptions

Ladies first.

I may have said building muscular strength but that does not mean that if you were to follow the suggestions of the best bicep workout, you would appear like Jack Lalanne in a couple of months.

Ladies tend to assume that muscular strength exercises are more for males, because it will grow unsightly, bulging muscles. It is extremely difficult for women to bulk up the way men can, since testosterone (a hormone in men) is responsible for muscle bulk and growth.

You can benefit from this workout ladies, trust me. Looking good in sleeveless tops, dress and blouses just got easier.


If you have been trying to build bigger guns, well this exercise might be the only ingredient you are lacking. However, (and this goes for the ladies too) I do not want to give you inaccurate expectations.

You can tone your biceps and make them stronger, but if you are looking for definition and rippling arms, you won't achieve them unless you pay a close watch on what you eat. An improper diet means that you will gain more fat than muscle.

When this happens, the layer of fat covers the muscle, and the muscle definition can no longer be seen. Therefore, watch your food intake or else no amount of pull-ups can help you.

Whoops, Cat Got Out Of The Bag!

The secret uncovered: the best bicep workout is mainly a focus on pull ups.

Doing pull ups is an amazing form of exercise for your biceps. On top of that, it also trains your chest, back and even your abdominals! One workout that targets four muscle groups, how time-efficient is that?

For the ladies, the standard pull-ups might be a little challenging, so I suggest that you perform the inclined version. It might take some time getting used to. If you are having problems, choose a bar that angles your body at a lower incline.

How Do You Perform The Best Bicep Workout?

If you are starting out, start with one, yes just one, pull up and see how you feel. Make sure you warm up because this exercise targets a lot of muscles, so you do not want to end the workout with a strain.

However, if you regularly exercise or generally have a more active lifestyle, you can strive for five pull-ups or inclined ones for the women. Keep going at it three times a week, and you will see improvements in your strength.

Your target would be 10. A nice, round, double-digit number. It will take some time before you get there, but the idea is to keep on going and staying motivated until you hit your goal.

Final Words From Azri

The best bicep workout really isn't all that difficult to do. Find a bar, mount it and begin performing pull-ups! It doesn't even have to specifically be a pull up bar.

My friend uses the bar leading to the roof access, but that's just between you and me. My point is, sometimes, the equipment may be right under your nose (or above you, in the case of the roof access example) but it can be done.

Give it a go, and perhaps one day, you'll email saying how you can do more than 10 (inclined or not)! I'll truly be glad to read emails of that sort.

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