Benefits Of Strength Training - Great Reasons To Start Lifting Weights

Not many are aware of the various benefits of strength training. Women assume that it is only for males because it helps them bulk up and become huge. Males think that doing such workouts will help them look like Arnie.

Truth be told, those are all myths. I hope that this article will not only shed light on tall tales you've heard, but also encourages you to start weight training regularly!

Raises your overall metabolic rate throughout the entire day

Engaging in strength training exercises will not only improve your muscles but also ensures that your metabolism is much higher for longer periods of time.

Your metabolic rate determines how much calories you burn every minute of every day. Therefore, by raising it, it means that you are able to shed more fat than an individual who refuses to lifts weight and focuses on aerobic exercise alone.

Despite that, it does not mean that focusing on strength training alone is enough. You will need to combine it with aerobic activity three times per week, and also ensure that you have a healthy diet.

Once you have properly combined strength training, cardio or aerobic activity and proper nutrition, say hello a newer, svelte body! It might take time, but it is definitely worth your time and effort.

Weight training reduces risk of osteoporosis

Lifting weights will wear down not only your muscles, but also your bones. This might seem scary, but it is actually extremely beneficial for your body.

When you wear down your bones, it triggers your body to start repairing them. Your body then goes into this "panic" mode where it rebuilds the bones, to the point that it was stronger than before in an attempt to ensure it doesn't happen again.

Therefore, through regular strength training, your bones become stronger and stronger, preventing the threat of osteoporosis. It is not enough to just drink milk. Your body expels calcium if you do not exercise and wear your muscles and bones!

Weight training gives women a curvier body

For a long time, women stayed away, even abhorred the concept of strength training. Many opinionated that the moment they started lifting weights, they would have huge muscles like bodybuilders you see on TV.

This is a complete myth! One of the great benefits of strength training for women would be the fact that it helps give women a slender and curvier figure.

Furthermore, women are not able to bulk up as easily as men. The reason for this is because men possess testosterone, the hormone which is responsible for muscle-building. Women possess estrogen, which is responsible more for fat building.

Female bodybuilders that you see did not get those gains naturally. They would have to consume a variety of products, like human growth hormone (HGH) and so on.

So ladies, it's high time for you to start taking advantage of the various benefits of strength training.

Improves your muscular endurance

Did your niece beg to be carried, but you ended up feeling winded only after ten minutes? It shows that you do not have much muscular endurance.

One of the benefits of strength training would be an improvement in your muscular endurance. When you engage in such strength exercises, it helps your muscles be capable of handling greater workloads for a longer period of time.

However, to achieve this, you need to constantly push yourself further. It is not enough to be able to do, for example, 10 push ups, and keep that number constant. You need to strive to do 12, 15, and so on.

Only when you keep increasing the intensity of your workout will you enjoy a greater sense of strength.

Weight training improves your blood cholesterol

Strength training exercises help to improve your blood cholesterol in ways that might surprise you. This can be great news if you're struggling with high blood pressure.

When you perform muscle-building exercises, it has shown that LDL cholesterol (bad) levels are suppressed, which HDL cholesterol (good) levels are improved. It might not be significant at first, but every bit counts.

Therefore, if you make strength training a daily part of your routinte - which you should - you will enjoy a healthier circulatory system. Furthermore, when bad cholesterol levels are kept low, you reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Say no to heart disease, stroke and other scary illnesses by exercising today!

Improves posture

If you have been paying attention, more and more people around you are starting to experience bad problems. Lower back pain, slipped disc, poor meniscus are just a few of the various ailments that affect individuals today.

Strength training actually helps improve your posture by strengthening the muscles that are supporting our backbone. This ensures that you steer clear of such problems.

Final Words From Azri

There are a lot of benefits of strength training, as you have seen from this article. From boosting your metabolism to aid in weight loss to preventing osteoporosis, it goes to show that you cannot take weight training lightly.

You need to have a well-executed fitness plan to ensure that you will not lose out or achieve maximum results from your current workouts.

The safest and easily most effective way to achieve physical fitness would be to combine strength training with your choice of aerobic exercises and also to eat well.

A healthy lifestyle is not complicated. It may take some time for you to adjust to a regular routine of exercising, but you will be motivated to exercise once you start to see improvements in your health and fitness.

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