Arnold Schwarzenegger Workout - Lessons From A Legend

The elusive Arnold Schwarzenegger workout is no longer elusive after you read this! I'll explain to you the various fitness principles that this fitness legend used to achieve success.

Please remember that I won't be talking about the specific exercises that dear Arnie has done. This is because I prefer discussing workouts that you can do anywhere - be it from the comfort of your home or if you choose to do them in the park.

Furthermore, Schwarzenegger also mentioned that the important thing is not what exercise you do, but how you do them. You might go to the gym, but if you do lousy repetitions, it doesn't matter how often you head to the gym, or how long you exercise.

You won't get results from poorly executed workouts. You need to remember the saying: quality over quantity.

Fitness Aspects Of Arnold Schwarzenegger Workout

There are quite a number of different principles that Schwarzenegger keeps in mind during his training that you should really follow. It can be really a great improvement to your workout routine!

Increasing weights per every set

When you have completed one set of your exercise, you should increase the weights for the next set. However, if the weight does not require weights, what you can do is to increase the number of repetitions for the next set.

Now remember, increase the number of repetitions by one or two. Do not increase the number drastically.

Training until exhaustion

Exercising should be done until exhaustion. This does not mean poorly performed repetitions. It means that you should exercise until you cannot do another proper rep without taking a break. This ensures maximum benefit from your workout.

Correct number of repetitions

The recommended number of reps for your upper body stands at 8-11. As for your lower body, you can do 12-16. The reason for this is because your lower body muscles are able to withstand more stress from exercise.

I know that most workout plans that I write about suggest much lower repetitions. The reason for this is that they are safe for you especially if you are starting out. However, do not do more than the number suggested above.


Schwarzenegger suggests that too many bodybuilders and athletes refuse to take enough rest, which prevents their exercise regimes from being as effective. On top of that, they work out their muscles too close together in the week.

Your safest bet would be to exercise a particular muscle group after 2 days. If you train your arms on Monday, the next day of training should be at least on Thursday.

Nutrition Aspects Of Arnold Schwarzenegger Workout

Staggered calorie intake

Don't worry, this is nothing complicated. All you need to know is that you should have a day with slightly more calories, and another day with lesser calories. So Monday is a high calorie diet, while Tuesday is a low calorie diet, and so on.

This helps you because your body's metabolism levels will be able to stay at higher levels for a longer period of time. Therefore, you can burn fat better.

Protein supplements

Arnold Schwarzenegger workout focuses a lot on protein shakes and supplements to keep up with the daily required amount of protein required for maximum growth.

This is important if you are intending to really put on muscle mass and bulk up, I strongly suggest that you check with your doctor or healthcare professional on how to go about choosing proper products.

Final Words From Azri

I hope you now have a better idea about Arnold Schwarzenegger workout and what he did to achieve it. While I do not advice that you should go on with protein shakes unless you have professional advice, you certainly can follow his fitness advice.

They are really great in ensuring that you have an effective workout. Also, the calorie staggering habit is a wonderful tip you should keep in mind! I'm going to try it for myself and see how things go.

Try the tips for yourself and see yourself improve. After all, Arnie became a legend for a reason - he's good at what he does.

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