Army Physical Fitness Test - Ensuring Your Success!

Succeeding your army physical fitness test does not have to be a distant dream. It just requires you to be adequately prepared for it through a properly planned workout routine.

The physical fitness tests differs for each nation. In Singapore, for example, the physical fitness test consists of five different stations:

  • Sit ups
  • Pull ups
  • Standing board jump
  • 4 x 10m shuttle run
  • 2.4 km/1.5 miles jog

For Singapore, there would be a timing for each station. For example, in the sit-ups station, you would be required to perform as many repetitions as possible in one minute.

In the United States, the test is quite different. It involves a three different stations:

For US Army, the test is rather different. You are required to do as many repetitions of push ups and sit ups as possible, with no time limit.

They Test The Same Thing!

Despite the fact that the army physical fitness test for Singapore and US differ, both are testing the physical strength, muscular endurance and stamina of each person that undergo this test.

Both tests contain a station for sit-ups, to test the strength of the core. Pull up and push up stations seek to determine the strength of one's upper body. Finally, the jog tests your stamina.

In summary, regardless of which nation we look at, the physical fitness test aims to determine the personnel's upper and lower body strength as well as his or her stamina. This means that if you workout regularly, and do not spot-tone, you should not have a problem acing this test at all.

Preparing For Your Army Physical Fitness Test

Suppose you are lost and you don't know how to prepare for this test. You are lazy to head to the gym in your neighbourhood, and you don't have proper fitness equipment at home.

You are not doomed, if you are willing to get yourself of the couch and start working out. What I will suggest are body weight workouts - where you simply train your muscles by using your weight.

There is nothing better for your upper body than pull ups. It trains almost all the muscles in your upper body, and will help give you an athletic v-shape after doing it regularly.

It does tire you out quite quickly, so strive to complete as many repetitions as you can in one set, and complete about three sets.

Push ups are another wonderful way of training your arms, chest and back. You can pair this with pull ups and you can be sure to improve your scores for the stations that test your upper body!

Doing ab crunches will target and strengthen your abdominals, helping you ace your sit up station. Crunches are different from sit ups. Sit ups require you to lift your entire upper body off the floor, until your elbows meet your knees.

Crunches, however, require you to lift your head and shoulders off the floor alone. I strongly recommend crunches over sit ups as the latter will cause lower back pain. In severe cases, you could even have a slipped disc.

Therefore, stick with crunches. The only time when you attempt to complete sit ups would be during your army physical fitness test itself.

It is a close fight between step ups and squats as your choice of lower body workout. Some suggest that squats are superior, but I think that they're both pretty good.

Honestly, I prefer step ups more because I feel that it works my legs better. However, it is really up to you. Find out what you feel is more comfortable for you.

Research has found out that squats can be responsible for working more than just your leg muscles. This has led to many sports enthusiasts suggesting that squats are superior than any other leg exercises.

I am a strong believer in having a variety of exercises to spice up your routine, so do try to do both workouts to enjoy the most benefits.

  • Regular jogs, or any other sports

Stamina can only be improved if you engage in some form of aerobic activity for half an hour, three times a week. It could be jogging or a sport like football, the important thing is to do something that gets your heart racing and you are drenched in sweat!

Final Words From Azri

Acing your army physical fitness test does not have to be a distant dream. Simply stick to the exercises that I have suggested above and have a sensible diet. Make sure you do not abuse sweet foods, junk food and the like and you'll be fine.

The most important thing is to remain motivated towards exercise and making sure you make a conscious effort to work out no matter how boring it might be. I know it seems much easier to laze around, watching the latest dramas on the television, but your effort will pay off in time.

Improving your physical fitness will take some time, therefore, do not wait until your test is a week away before you start panicking and exercising as it will be futile. Start working out regularly now, so that you will become fitter.

It does not matter if your test is not due for another couple of months. Who doesn't admire or drool over someone who is fit and healthy?

Best wishes for your upcoming test!

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