Definition Of Anaerobic Exercise

You might be wondering what is anaerobic exercise and how does it differ from aerobic workouts? Is there even a difference between the two? How important is it in your daily workout routine?

Aerobic workouts refer to activities that raises the need for more oxygen. Anaerobic would then mean exercises that does not require oxygen. Doesn't make sense, does it? After all, humans need oxygen to survive!

Scientifically, anaerobic exercise means any exercise which is powered by metabolic pathways that do not use oxygen. To put it in simpler terms, it refers to exercises that builds muscles as muscle-building does not require excessive amounts of oxygen, as compared to burning fat.

Examples Of Anaerobic Exercise

Whenever you do a pull up or when you complete several repetitions of push ups, you are in fact doing anaerobic exercises.

Many people have the opinion that you need to be lifting weights in order to build muscles, but this is simply not true. Bodyweight workouts uses your weight to train your muscles and this is gaining immensely in popularity.

Why is this so?

Imagine purchasing weights from the fitness store in your neighbourhood. You got to lug them around your house, it might take up space in your house, and so on. I don't know about you, but I'll feel extremely lazy to fetch my weights.

This is perhaps why I am such a big fan of body weight exercises. All I need is myself, and therefore I can exercise wherever I want, whenever I want to!

Other people think that you need to carry heavy weights in order to strengthen your muscles further. They feel that if someone is skinny, exercises like squats and pull ups become less effective.

In order to combat this, what you can do is simply to up the number of repetitions or sets that you complete. Say, you can complete 10 push ups quite comfortably. Why not try increasing it to 14? Set realistic, but higher expectations and push yourself to achieve them.

When a set of 14 becomes comfortable, you know you're increasing your muscular endurance!

Importance of Such Exercises In Your Workout

It is extremely important for you to have muscle-building exercises in your workout. When you build stronger muscles, not only does it give you strength to cope with your daily activities, but it helps you burn fat as well!

This is another key reason why many people fail. They focus so much on aerobic exercises, like running and swimming, they neglect this aspect of their workout. The result? Less than stellar results.

It doesn't matter if you have never paid attention to strength training before. What matters is that you start carrying out these workouts from now on.

Final Words From Azri

I hope that this has provided you with some understanding about anaerobic workouts and how it differs from aerobic workouts. On top of that, do ensure that you perform some strength training exercises every now and then.

No matter what your physical fitness aim might be, building strong muscles is of absolute importance. You might want to shed a few pounds, be a little stronger, have more stamina but it doesn't change this fact.

All the best on your fitness journey. If you do need help, feel free to contact me or ask questions about my weight loss coaching programme.

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