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Looking at the previous version of my "About" page, I realised that it has been quite a while since I wrote that page and I felt that you deserve to have the latest updates, be it about fitness and the new exercises that spring up, or about the author behind the computer screen, also known as Yours Truly.

So this time I'll try making it more interesting and uplifting, having experienced some major changes in my life, at the same time trying to keep you interested to knowing more about me. My aim at the very least, is to let you know that I am a real person behind your computer screen, and I would truly love to help you with your health and fitness.

Why Fitness?

Funny, I just asked my best friend this question over dinner today. We all know how many countless fitness industries there are out there, with huge advertising budgets and marketing campaigns. Yet I still feel so passionate about fitness and continue to work on it regularly.

That's me in the front, and the photo-bomber in the back is my best friend. LOL

I think it first started when I became interested in exercising, probably when I was 9, as a form of escape from bullying that I was experiencing in school (that's another long story). I remember seeing this particular fitness gadget when I was out with my parents and I begged and begged my parents to get it for me.

Basically, they got it for me, I used it (on top of my regular workouts) and realised that it didn't really deliver results as depicted in their advertisement.

At 9, I was vaguely aware of how many things the health and fitness industry pumps out to make money off regular consumers like you and I.

Fast forward, 10 years later, I started this website, and did research and found out all the horror stories of people who were so depressed and desperate, that they wasted tens of thousands of dollars on various products and slimming miracle pills, creams and wraps, tonics and juices, because they wanted to just look a bit better.

It was one of the most heartbreaking things to read about.

I cried a little bit, then I steeled myself and told myself that I can do this, that I can make a difference in people's life. It led me to grow this website and my corresponding YouTube channel and to more major things, like my book, Burn Fat Fast. I wrote this book with the aim of teaching people how to look good and burn fat fast without spending hundreds and thousands of dollars.

I then created a personal fitness training and coaching page as I have a lot of readers asking me for individual help.

I created these two products with a fair price in mind so that everyone can take advantage of it, and made a solemn promise to myself that I will always overdeliver on helping you with whatever problems you have.

What's next?

I aim to continue growing Exercise For Beginners. Right now, this website receives 200 unique visitors per day from more than 50 countries across the globe, and that's amazing to me. I'll keep working and helping people every day with my information and knowledge and keep learning as much as I can as well. Then I can reach 200,000 unique visitors in a day.

So if you are here, take a look around, let me know what you think, tell me what you wanna see. Your input matters and ultimately, I am here to help you with whatever health and fitness needs you may have.

Thank you so much for reading this all the way through. Phew, there's probably a lot more to me, but this is long enough, I think?

Your friend,


Fresh off the editor's desk - Burn Fat Fast - because you deserve to look good and feel good about yourself.

Burn Fat Fast

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