Ab Exercise Machines Vs Flat Stomach Exercises - Which Is Better?

Take a look around you and you see so many ab exercise machines! They are everywhere. Every single exercise brand has a range of such machinery, ads for various abdominal exercise machines are slapped on various pages in health magazines and sales for these products are sky high.

The concept is pretty simple, at least according to these companies. Each company promotes their products by telling you that if you commit just ten minutes a day, you will be able to sport ripped abs and you'll be the envy of many people.

This article is not going to be easy for many to read because it contains facts that not many want to hear, but you should read forth and protect yourself and your wallet!

The Ugly Truth About Ab Exercise Machines

I cannot deny that some of these fitness equipments will strengthen your abdominal muscles. However, whether you can achieve a flat and ripped midsection is a different story altogether.

The reason why so many people spend hundreds, even thousands, of dollars of such products is because they believe that machine X can help them achieve that toned look. After trying the machine for a few weeks, they don't see an improvement, get discouraged, and find something else.


The problem does not lie with the machine, but instead, it lies with the individual. If you do not work on your weight problems, you simply will not be able to achieve six pack abdominals that you desire so much.

When you are overweight, what your body does is to push deposit fats at various regions of the body, especially the tummy area. Therefore, no exercise can give you a toned midsection if you don't work hard on burning off the fat first. Only with a low fat percentage, can your abdominals become more visible and you can proudly show them off!

What About Skinny People?

If you are skinny like me, don't think that you can simply eat every single thing you crave and not worry. I've seen many skinny individuals not sporting abdominals because they don't pay attention to what they eat.

They aren't embarrassed to simply pop sweet treats, ice cream, oily and fatty food by the dozens. When I ask them whether they are worried, they simply reply:

"I'm skinny, I can eat whatever I want.

What a terrible mindset.

Just because you are skinny does not mean that you do not have to watch your diet. Failing to be vigilant about your diet can mean that you will have an unsightly tummy as well, which can lead to a lot of teasing as well. After all, most people assume that skinny people don't have any tummy issues, now would they?

However, no matter who you are, you need to pay attention to your diet. Opting to eat unhealthy food stuff will lead to many diseases, and no ab exercise machines can help you.

What Is The Best Of All Ab Exercise Machines

Surprisingly, the best ab exercise machine is not something that targets your abdominal muscles, but is actually any fitness machine that provides you with a good cardio exercise, like an elliptical exercise machine or a treadmill.

skinny people can have ripped abs

Such machines help you burn fat through cardio, which means that you can bring your overall body fat percentage down. This means that eventually, with time, effort, proper meals and regular exercise, you will be able to finally have sexy abdominals that so many people crave for!

I feel that you should try out various cardio machines, like treadmills, cycling machines, ellipticals and so on to find one that you really enjoy. The problem is, many people just think that reviews are everything, so when they see a good review, they make a purchase without considering how they actually feel about using it.

On my page about elliptical exercise machine, I mentioned that while I really enjoyed the elliptical cross trainer that I have at home, it does not mean that everyone should go out and get one. You need to find something that makes you want to hop on and exercise.

So What Are The Good Ab Exercise Machines

Honestly? None.

I really feel that the abdominals can and should be trained using various abdominal exercises that you can perform in your own room, like reverse crunch, side plank, ab crunches and leg scissors.

There are a lot more exercises, but these are my personal favorites.

The advantage of avoiding such ab exercise machines is that you don't risk injuring yourself. As you know, the abdominals protect various organs in your body like your liver, heart, kidneys, and while it is important to strengthen them, using machines could do more harm than good.

This is why I rarely do reviews for muscle strengthening machines. I really don't like the safety risk posed.

Final Words From Azri

I know that after reading this article, some might either be really angry at me and go out to purchase one of such ab exercise machines to prove me wrong OR they will save their money and stick to methods that work, without risking their health.

Which group do you belong to? :P

Regardless, please know that my views are honest and I would never tell you information that is not true. I simply want you to stay fit and healthy without running the risk of getting injured.

What's more, isn't it good news to know that most ab exercise machines just don't work? You can save money and you can avoid sales pitches when they are thrown in your face because you are now aware about the truth behind such equipment!

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