Ab Crunches - The Most Basic Exercise For Your Midsection

Yes, we have heard of the myth: do endless ab crunches to get that lean six-pack. Sadly, that's not true. Doing such exercises alone is not enough.

You need to keep your metabolism high by doing aerobic exercises, like running and swimming, so that your body reduces fat. On top of doing workouts for your midsection, you should train your entire body to build muscles which help to burn fat in your body.

Despite that, doing this workout is good for your middle. It will strengthen the muscles. It will not give you a six pack even if you do 500 repetitions of it a day, if you don't pay attention to proper nutrition and regular exercise!

Get It Right

Although you and I have tried this exercise at some point or another, I think it would be best to go through the entire process step by step.

  • Lie down on a mat with your legs forming a little triangle.

  • Cup your ears with your hands

  • Lift your head and shoulders of the floor.

Do not pull your head forward with your hands. Your hands are cupping your ears to support your head.
  • Slowly lower your head back down.

  • Repeat this process 15 times.

What You Should Look Out For

  • Do not pull your head with your hands.

The effort needed for this workout should come from your abdominals and not your hands. Do not tug your head to complete each repetition as you might damage your neck and spine.

  • Do this exercise on a proper mat.

This exercise will be challenging on the back so be sure to support your spine with a proper mat throughout the entire exercise.

Tips To Challenge Yourself Further

  • Lift your legs such that your knees are at a right angle.

If this still doesn't give you a kick, try the next suggestion!

  • Lift your legs and keep them straight as you would do in leg raises.

  • When you lift your head and shoulders off the floor, hold the position for five seconds.

  • Increase the repetitions of this exercise.

The more repetitions you attempt, the harder it gets. So push yourself and see how many crunches you can complete!

Final Words From Azri

As much as this workout is overrated, it does not mean that it does not deliver results. This exercise really trains the midsection and if you followed my tips to make it tougher, you will feel the difference.

Never, ever feel overwhelmed with exercise because it is simple and can be done. Just believe in yourself and don't stop believing that you can make a difference to the quality of your life.

You control your life and no one else! Remember that.

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