The best 5 upper body exercises to help you become stronger and fitter

There are 5 upper body exercises that are incredibly awesome for you to strengthen that upper torso and look great in your swimwear for summer or even your day to day outfits.

Upper body exercises more popular among men than women: why?

However, before we look at each of them in detail, I want to address an issue that is very common nowadays, which is the fact that many think that upper body exercises are for men alone. Women tend to stay away from these muscle building exercises, thinking that it would make them look bulky and muscular.

Basically, think bodybuilders we see at competitions or at the Olympics. I've received many emails or have read about many women's common fear that doing muscle building exercise will make them look huge and manly.

So I am here to debunk that theory. It is scientifically proven that women CANNOT bulk up to such a scary extent without an insane amount of exercise, crazy levels of foods and supplements. Simply because women weren't built to pack on muscle the way guys are.

What it comes down to is this: women are born with oestrogen, the hormone that is responsible for all the female body processes. One key feature of having oestrogen is that the body is less capable of packing large amounts of muscle because women lack testosterone, the male hormone. This male hormone is responsible for the male body processes, and is the reason why men can pack on more muscles quickly and easily.

What this means is simply, if you are a lady, you cannot become bulky and scary just by performing the best 5 upper body exercises. Yes, you will become stronger, you will become healthier, you will gain a leaner and toned body, but it doesn't mean you will end up looking like Mrs Muscles.

So to all the wonderful women and ladies and teenage girls out there, I hope you know now that these 5 upper body exercises are not just for men but for incredible individuals like you too!

The awesome 5 upper body exercises

Once again, some of you would know how I prefer and love to exercise at home, the exercises I have selected here are the same, home-friendly, beginner-friendly but completely effective in working and strengthening that upper torso of yours. These exercises also do not require any weights so you can essentially do it in your kitchen, in your basement, at auntie Ruth's, wherever you please.

Let's get started!

Push up exercise

Start with your body propped on your hands and your toes. If you feel that it is too challenging for you, you can prop yourself on your hands and knees.

Lower your body, keeping your shoulders, hips and knees in a straight line as much as possible. Repeat as many times you feel comfortable. :D

Pull ups

I've said it before, and I'll say it again, pull ups are amazing. You should really consider the option of having a door frame pull bar.


Start with your hands gently holding on to your ears. You could also cup your ears.

Using your stomach - and not yanking on your ears - lift your upper body until you feel tension in your abdominals. Hold for a second. Then lower to the starting position.

If you want a greater challenge, instead of keeping your feet on the floor, raise your legs and perform your crunches. Guaranteed to give a greater oomph to your workout.


You will begin by being in this belly down position, making sure that your arms are comfortably my your side. Clasp your hands together.

Prop yourself such that you entire body is in a straight line. Your elbow should be directly in line with your shoulder as seen in the photo.

Do not, for any reason, raise your butt up. Remember to maintain that straight plane of your body. You should use a mirror or ask someone to check for you, when you first try it.

Leg tucks

Start by sitting on a comfortable chair, and keep your legs out straight in front of you. I strongly suggest holding on to the chair for support and trying your best to sit up straight.

Slowly draw your legs in towards you and hold for one count. Return to starting position.

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