30 Minute Workout Plan - The Best Fitness Regime

You're ready to commit to a 30 minute workout plan? That's wonderful! However, if there are ever any days that you are unable to dedicate a full 30 minutes, you can just head over to my 20 minute exercise regime or 10 minute workout plan.

You might have read that working out for half an hour is ideal for your body. That is actually true! Set aside three days in a week and exercise for 30 minutes each time, you're on your way to improving the quality of your health!

So three days - I'm going to do something different for this workout. I will have a whole body workout on one day, aerobics on another day and another full body workout before resting for the week.

Since I don't like to exercise on the weekends, let's say Monday and Friday will be my whole body workout, while Wednesday will be my cardio day.

Monday And Friday - Whole Body Workout

Why These Workouts?


Squats are proven to actually train the entire body, because you are required to balance your body, on top of using a lot of leg power. This exercise also effectively raises your heart rate, making you breathe heavier after just a few repetitions.

In the event you can do more than 20 of these easily, try doing one-legged squats instead.

Push Ups

Push ups are great for building upper body strength. It is responsible for strengthening your chest muscles and works your arms as well. Definitely important to have this exercise in your workout.

It is also easy to do since you use your bodyweight for this exercise!

Ab Crunches

Despite the fact that this exercise is pretty overrated, it does not change the fact that it is the most effective exercise for your abdominal muscles. The only problem is that it won't give you defined six-packs if you don't lower your body fat.

Leg Raises

This is especially important for guys because men generally store fat in the lower abdominal area. Leg raises help to tighten and strengthen the lower abs that don't get worked from doing crunches alone.

When you are trying this exercise, remember to place your hands below the small of your back to support yourself.

Pull Ups

Big biceps come from doing lots of pull ups. This is the best answer for big, defined biceps and is a much better choice of exercise than regular bicep curls.

These are the best five exercises of physical fitness and form your 30 minute workout plan. While you may not take 30 minutes to do the entire workout that I've listed for you above, what you can do is to try doing more than one cycle.

The best would be for you to complete 3 cycles successfully. Take your time, and make sure you don't rush each exercise. Proper form is very important for muscle development, building strength and preventing injuries.

Final Words From Azri

You might be surprised that for the 30 minute workout plan, I did not suggest any fancy exercises or complicated routines. Just five different exercises and a challenge for you to complete three cycles of the entire workout.

The number of repetitions for each exercise can be increased or decreased, depending on your preference. Listen to your body and do what you can. Don't force yourself especially if you are starting out.

Keep in mind that even if you start out really small, like 3 reps for each exercise, and maybe two cycles per day, eventually you will become stronger and start doing more repetitions. Very soon, you might be doing more than what I've suggested!

Start slow and don't burn out! I hope you have fun creating your own 30 minute workout plan!

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