3 day body building with dumbbells and barbells

by Josian
(Bayamon, Puerto Rico)

Hello. My question is about creating a weekly workout routine. I would like to workout three times a week - Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Can you show me what would be a suggested workout that I can do over that three days?


Azri's reply:

Thank you for your question Josian. What I would suggest would be a lower body workout on Monday, upper body workout on Wednesday and cardio on Friday. The reason for this is because muscles need less rest from cardio (hence the rest from Saturday-Sunday before your next leg workout on Monday).

Muscles generally need more time for rest and recovery after muscle building workouts so, I think Tuesday-Thursday is a good time to allow your muscle recovery time before you start hitting the track.

As for exercises for each specific workout, well that really depends on whether you have a history of any injuries (for example, I don't advice someone with back problems to do sit ups), whether you have been regularly working out and so on.

What I would suggest is to start small, perhaps 7 repetitions per set, and to complete 2-3 sets for each exercise, with only 10-30 seconds rest between sets. This ensures a maximum workout on your muscles, because you "overload" them, allowing for maximum growth and strength development.

For your lower body, I would suggest the following:

Remember to mix up the order. Your muscles tend to go into lazy mode if you keep doing them in the same order. This is scientifically proven. :)

For your upper body, specifically the midsection, it is important to attack the outer muscles as well as the inner core muscles to develop strength and complete stability. Therefore, I would suggest a couple of exercises, namely the following:

For your arms and chest, a lot of people suggest doing bicep curls for the biceps, tricep extensions for the triceps, and other exercises to target each muscle. I find this a little troublesome and time consuming. So I would suggest the following two exercises only:

The reason for this is because, pull ups and push ups target every single muscle in the upper body, including the abdominals. The reason why you should still do ab exercises is because the core is a complex system of muscles, and these two exercises don't target them enough. Planks, side planks and crunches help to train those inner muscles.

I hope that this has helped you. Good luck with your fitness aims! :D

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