14 year old experiencing hip pain

by Samantha

I'm a 14 year old girl and I have a problem with my hip. It gets really unconformable to sit and lay down. My hips starts to hurt or just feel weird. When I lay down, certain positions feel fine, while others cause it to hurt. I've had it for a week and I was hoping it would just stop hurting but it hasn't. I didn't do anything for it to start hurting so i don't know what it could be. It doesn't feel like just a normally pull of a muscle. It only seems to be in my right hip not my left.

Azri's reply:

Hello Samantha! Thank you so much for sharing your question. Without proper specifics, it's really hard for me to say whether it's something due to pubertal changes, or muscle or an inflammation of your tendons etc, but I can give you some possibilities.

The first thing is to ask yourself whether you cross your legs often. Yes, it sounds weird, but when you sit with your legs crossed, this places a huge stress on your hips. I learnt this from a massage course that I took a couple of weeks back. Depending on how you cross (right over left or vice versa), the pain would affect a different side of the hip. Try to observe yourself when you sit down because you might not notice that you're doing it unconsciously.

Secondly, is whether you sit down too often in a day. Again, sounds really silly huh? However, science has shown that if you sit down or lay down for too long in a day, your bones become weak and this causes pain. Since the hip is the "central" bone in your entire skeletal structure, there is a lot of weight pressing on it. When your bones are weakened, this would mean that the hip is first to experience pain. It is suggested that if you tend to draw a lot or spend a lot of time sitting down reading magazines, or watching TV or doing schoolwork, it's good to get up and walk, jog, or just load a YouTube video of your favorite artist and just dance around your room. It's enough to keep your muscles and bones active and help them to regenerate regularly.

Third is possibly a culmination of the above factors and maybe other things. Perhaps you are taking a sports class and pulled a few muscles surrounding your hip area which could lead to pain. It's hard to know for sure, but you can try this home remedy. Take a belt and tighten it around your waist. It should be quite tight but not painful. Breathing might feel a little odd (if you breathe from your diaphragm). Now go to bed and lay in those positions that usually cause you pain. If there is no pain, it could be that your back muscles are strained and that's why you experienced that kind of hip pain.

Now, I'm not a certified doctor but this is what I do first as some form of preliminaries to see if I'm being too inactive and changing my lifestyle and seeing if it improves. I suggest that if the situation doesn't change in the next few days, do visit your doctor and get his or her advice. It would be better, seeing as how you can better describe your situation.

Try the three suggestions I've highlighted above. I have a feeling that it's possibly due to one of the three factors. I'm an active young adult, who likes to sit down a lot (playing computer games or reading novels) and also getting too active with sports (leading to pulled muscles), so I understand your worry. Now, your body is an amazing mechanism and it will heal! Do let me know what happens! (: Wishing you the very best!

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