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I want to show you how physical fitness can improve your health, boost your self-esteem and confidence and also change your whole life inside out. My name is Azri and I discovered the joys of fitness when I was a small precocious child of about 10 years old.

The benefits of exercise has been so remarkable for me, and now I want to help you make a wonderful change into your life.

I want you to believe me when I tell you this one thing:

Exercise is easy. It's easier than algebra at school, it's easier than what those "experts" tell you on TV, it's super duper easy to change your life and feel good about yourself in every area.

The most important ingredient to success

But before you even change into your workout clothes, whether they are track pants or shorts, tank tops or a dry-fit t-shirt, there is something that you must do, and it is the most important thing in the world if you want to succeed and look great.

Whether your want to gain muscle or burn fat, or improve your stamina or just stay active, you need to have a proper mindset.

Now, those fitness gurus will tell you that, to improve your physical fitness you need to exercise three times a week, eat like a bird and magic happens, right?


You need to first change your mindset (right click and open in a new window so you won't lose track of where you're reading!) before exercise or eating right.

Oh, and just so you know, you don't need to starve yourself. I am a firm believer that improving your physical fitness is such a wonderful journey, and I still enjoy my favorite food like fries, every now and then. The key is knowing how to eat well.

At the same time, becoming fitter, healthier, stronger, leaner, sexier also does not mean that you need to exercise like a maniac. Lets face it, we have responsibilities, we have social events to go to, movies to catch, aren't I right? However, you can blast fat like a nasty fat burning furnace, or gain muscle like a well-oiled machine just by exercising right.

Eat right, exercise right. These two ingredients plus a winning mindset, I guarantee you're going to achieve your goals.

Want to talk to me directly?

It's really important that you are serious about making a change, cause I'm here for you at every step of the way. You can write to me on the Exercise For Beginners Facebook page, or send me a message on my YouTube channel (where I will create a video to respond to your question), or drop me a direct email through my contact page on this website.

I love reading every single email that you send to me, so hit that keyboard baby!

For example, there was an 11 year old boy who wanted to lose weight, and so he wrote to me on my YouTube Channel - Exercise For Beginners, and so I created this video for him. I gave him tips on exercising, eating right and how should he go about achieving his goal. Not only would he benefit, but others with the same problem can use the fitness tips there as well!

Take a look at the video!

Do you want a coach?

If you feel more comfortable having me plan your workout for you, or giving you a proper nutrition plan, then take a look at my weight loss coaching page. You get email access to me, all the materials and tips you need right at your fingertips. Of course, I don't just do fat burning workout plans, I could tailor any fitness plan just for YOU.


I know my website has a lot of content, from how to eat right, to the different upper body exercises to stretching to warming up, but don't be overwhelmed. Slowly take your time to really read through the content. Recommend your friends and family, work on your mindset together.

You're going to go super duper far, and I'm going to be here cheering you all the way.

I know I'm repeating myself, but please, make sure to work on your mindset first before doing anything else. It might take you a while to change your perception, but I trust you, it's going to be priceless.

Having a positive mindset is not only going to give you bountiful success when it comes to health and fitness, but I personally have benefited at work, in college, and in life in general. Life is meant to be a wonderful, pleasant experience.

There is going to be ONE challenge.

Are you at the edge of your seat? Are you?

Well, it's quite simple. DO NOT fall for those tricky, shady fitness gimmicks. The ones that tell you that you just need to take pills to lose weight, use some abdominal glider to have a six pack, that you need to undergo surgery to look good and so on.

You do not need to waste thousands on gimmicks, gym memberships or surgeries to have your dream body. You need a healthy and positive mindset and just some effort. Your body is this amazing thing, you can become anything you want to be.

I improved my physical fitness and developed abs and got stronger just by doing exercises at home. You can too!

You are going to look awesome and feel great and have an incredible life with what you are going to learn on this website. Trust me, believe in yourself, know that you deserve the very best in the world, and pursue forth!

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